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I got my first guitar when I was about 13 and really started to get to grips with it at about 15. I was going to be the new Hank Marvin.

My first bands were with school mates and we tended to swap around. The first band name I remember was "Argo Navis". We did Wishbone Ash and Led Zeppelin stuff. The first public performance the band did was church hall in Jarrow, which was raided by skinheads and abandoned!

With the same line-up and a desire to make some cash, we turned into a club band called "Second Opinion". Two guitars - myself and Rob Javan, bass Ken Walker and drums Derek Baxter. Out went "Whole Lotta Love" and in came "Bye Bye Love" and white suits from my next door neighbour's catalogue. We were doing clubs when we weren't old enough to drink in them. Once sharing the bill with a stripper! (Sunderland Boiler Makers Club) From then up until the age of 26, I was in various bands including stints as a drummer, in "10th Avenue" and "Delta Crisis", some duos, trios and solos.

I was persuaded to take time off from music for a while due to a anti-musical condition called marriage. Then at the age of 40(ish) I decided to treat myself to something I'd wanted all my life - a Gibson Les Paul. The Tyne Tees Band - City Road Survivors - soon followed. I also dabbled in recording and songwriting. I made a CD in 2007 called the John White Album featuring five of my own compositions. I've also performed solo using largely backing tracks recorded at home.

Below is one of my own compositions: