Eddie Rose - Drums
I taught myself to play drums at the age of about 16. I did not play seriously until I joined a local band called "The Sundowners" for a couple of years in the mid '60s.

After leaving that band, I was contacted by a dance band called "Jerome" and played 50/50 music at various venues and functions for about 16 years. After "Jerome" wound down, I played with a trio called "Eldon and Co" for a while, doing the club scene, which at that time was in its heyday. When one of band members wanted to go to Spain to perform, the band split up. I was then contacted by a local working men's club to be part of their resident band, backing all of the artists and singers who came to the club each weekend. This went on for about 18 years. Eventually, like most clubs, the resident band had had its day. At this stage, I joined the band made up by members of Tyne Tees Television to play at Christmas parties and leaving parties. We were only known by the working title of The Tyne Tees Band until recently renaming ourselves as The City Road Survivors. And we are now up to date!
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