Derek Cajiao - Bass Guitar
My first band was while I was still attending Cleadon Park school and we played at the school Xmas party as well as at local youth clubs.

I eventually joined a working band called Freebird as rhythm guitarist playing workingmens clubs around the North East. Oh the joy of dealing with 'The Concert Chairman' of which a few were great but many were an absolute nightmare!

Between then and now I've bummed around playing buskers nights and making the odd 'guest appearances' in friends bands. I've also been involved in bands put together for a couple of charity events.

Other than that I do some home recording just for the fun of it. I'd never played bass in a band until Brendan O'Donnel of The Gaslighters introduced me to The City Road Survivors. Since then it has been down hill all the way!

Here's something of mine:
The City Road Survivors
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